The Shawnee Peak Challenge Course Map

The Shawnee Peak Challenge Official Announcement

With 15 strenuous obstacles, the Shawnee Peak Challenge tests the soul and physical ability of participants from weekend athletes to everyday adventure seekers. Registrants looking for the best one day challenge on the East Coast are invited to experience a military-grade obstacle challenge on the rugged face of Shawnee Peak.  Produced by Shawnee Peak and local event organizers, this military-designed course was crafted by a former Special Operations instructor to offer fitness enthusiasts of any level a weekend challenge under a majestic Maine backdrop.

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Obstacle #5 “Barrier Walls” Announced

The wooden walls arrive near the top of the Mountain Course in 2 sets of 5 4′ Walls. The Course Master has released another grueling obstacle – Barrier Walls. After running up the mountain and completing the previous 4 challenges / obstacles, the walls will not be met with open arms and by the fifth wall – you will be happy to put them on your six.

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Obstacle #4 “The Bitch” Announced

Now that you are warmed up, the real race begins. Around 200 yards with 300 feet of incline. Its time for the Course Master to see how big your heart is.

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