The Shawnee Peak Challenge Course Map

Obstacle #8 “High Crawl & Tires” Announced

You may have the Course Master’s respect by getting this far, but he is not impressed yet.  This obstacle tests your agility in more ways than one.  Start with a high crawl, then high step it through a series of tires.  Then, through another high crawl, and another series of tires.  Agility, speed, and concentration will get through this objective.  How much do you have left for the rest of the course?  At this point, you are almost…almost…halfway done with the course.

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Obstacle #7 “Kyhber Pass” Announced

Up to this point, you have run uphill, crawled, climbed, jumped, and scrambled through the course. A downhill run may sound like a nice break before attacking the rest of the course. However, this is no leisurely trot down Shawnee Peak. “Gravity is not your friend,” the Course Master warns. This is steep downhill run down rocky terrain requires you to focus and move quickly under control. With one false step, you will land yourself out of the race and into the bushes…or worse.

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Obstacle #6 “Normandy Walls” Announced

Think Omaha Beach on D-Day, but without the explosions. A series of 10 4×4 posts in an X shape with the middle 2 feet off the ground. High step over the center of each to complete the obstacle. Your upper body gets a break on this one, but your legs need to keep you moving, as your thighs start to burn. The Course Master is wondering if the Normandy Walls will break you, or will the next obstacle. Can you prove him wrong and finish the course?

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